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Through municipal marketing and our services, local governments have realized an increase in revenue by up to two percent without raising taxes or fees while citizens benefit from expanded services and supplemental services.


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Active Municipal Marketing develops innovative, revenue-generating partnerships and programs between the public and private sector to allow local governments to raise revenue without raising taxes. Community assets and properties are leveraged for sponsorships, advertising, naming rights and other revenue-generating programs ranging from public space recycling and beverage vending to banking and telecommunications contracts. Active Municipal Marketing can help you get started with:

  • Developing and implementing strategic revenue-generating programs
  • Analyzing assets and evaluating opportunities
  • Creating sponsorship opportunities
  • Providing revenue consulting
  • Negotiating contracts and agreements
  • Managing programs and partnerships

Revenue-Generating Programs:


Public Space Recycling

A public space recycling program helps to increase recycling tonnage, save trees, and reduce air pollution and greenhouse gases. But it can also help bring in extra revenue for local governments. Our municipal marketing partner, Greener Corners, provide, install, and maintain free public recycling bins, and also sell advertising sponsorship for the bins to the local business community. They help sponsors tailor their advertising so that it focuses on green efforts, recycling and community. In addition, Greener Corners educate residents on the importance of recycling and track all recycling results.


Proximity Marketing

Proximity marketing enables local governments to connect with residents and visitors by delivering advertiser, sponsor, event, and city-driven content on their WiFi-enabled devices within proximity of the network. The mobile advertising sales provide local governments unrealized advertising revenue stream. Our municipal marketing partner, Pro X Media, delivers the content marketing delivery platform that includes real-time campaign management, reporting, and analytics.



MyCitysDeals partners with cities and municipalities to deliver a daily-deals platform that promotes local businesses and generates additional revenue for the city. The program gives citizens access to the best deals in the city, brought to them by the city. A customized MyCitysDeals site can be created at zero cost to the city, providing deal capabilities, robust reporting and merchant re-marketing tools.


Media Services

Media Services serves as a catalyst for municipal marketing programs in cities and counties and includes all levels of traditional and non-traditional advertising mediums. A featured advertising product would be the strategically placed Digital Outdoor Network. This network becomes a revenue generating tool that also allows local governments to control a percent of the inventory in order to communicate to its citizens in real time with emergency or non-emergency information as well as a platform for community partner advertisements.


Beverage & Snack Vending

Grant a beverage, snack manufacturer or third party vendor exclusive rights to pour their beverage or vend their snack brands and products on all city and county property for an extended period of time. The actual value of these city and county assets will of course be determined by the winning applicant’s last and best offer for their use. These winning participants would be required to engage their respective marketing department’s resources for additional in kind donations.


MyCity Webpage

Your customized municipal marketing site will have multi-purpose capabilities and will feature city and county wide marketing efforts to promote your partnerships and sponsorships. It will also serve as a revenue-generating tool that registers and educates commercial sponsors, public donations and Green partnerships.

Successful Municipal Marketing Partnerships

Pioneered by Don Schulte, Active Municipal Marketing has developed highly successful, mutually beneficial partnerships with Fortune 500 companies and organizations across the country, from the first city-wide beverage deal to the largest contractual guarantee for any city to date.

Current city partnerships include:

  • Colorado Springs, CO – Public Space Recycling
  • Huntington Beach, CA – Public Space Recycling
  • Arlington, TX – Beverage Vending Agreement
  • Costa Mesa, CA – Skateboard Park Naming Rights
  • Glendale, CA – Bus Shelter Advertising
  • Las Vegas, NV – Online Commercial Mapping
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